We support projects, co-operatives, producer groups with cooperative structures, family businesses, thereby particularly strengthening these entities.

The direct purchase, the sale of quality biological agricultural products and the resulting high margin lead to an adequate appreciation and reward of the smallholders. The role of producer changes from the mere supplier to equal partners.

We maintain long-term partnerships with our partners. This provides them with economic security and future prospects. The autonomy of the farmers is sustainably promoted and strengthened, which aims to strengthen their position, also in domestic markets.

We promote the use of locally available plants whose traditional use has declined by the introduction of “modern” alternatives. We achieve this through the revaluation of the cultivation and harvesting of these traditional plants.

We create job opportunities in rural areas and thereby contribute effectively against the rural exodus.

Through our consultation of smallholders in technical and business issues we promote self dependent development and thus permit independence from large industrial structures.

Ultimately we are active in public relations  in Germany, where we sensitize and raise awareness for other cultures and ways of life of the people in Africa.