“Quality creates sustainability” is the Motto of Dr Andreas Wesselmann. He combines worldwide Research and Management experience with engagement in Africa. He began collaborating with africrops in 2014, before joining as partner in 2016.

Andreas  worked as researcher, marketing and senior manager in multi-national companies, specializing in Agriculture, Health, Environment and Pharma.

Andreas had secondments to Asia Pacific, South America and France and has been engaged in West- and East African projects for over 20 years. He regularly teaches General Management, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development and organic farming at several Universities in Germany, as well as several African and Asian universities. Andreas is Honorary Professor at Gitwe University in Rwanda.

In the past he supervised and established several African companies. Additionally, he supports companies in the organic certification of their crops.

Andreas studied Horticulture and International Agriculture in Berlin, as well as Management Classes in Switzerland.

Contact: andreas.wesselmann[at]africrops.de