“Cooperation on an equal footing” … is the motto of Dr Heinrich Heinrichs. With africrops! He combines his experience in the field of science with those of development cooperation in Africa.  Along with Meinholf Kuper, the plant physiologist and educator started africrops! GmbH in Berlin in 2013, having previously established africrops! in New York in 2012.

Dr Heinrichs’ interest is mainly tropical crops. Since 2011 he has engaged in the plant physiology and food technology aspects of Moringa oleifera. His special focus is on the quality and scientifically based statements on nutrition-related topics.

Heinrich spent many years with his wife and his son in South America and Africa.  In South Africa and Ethiopia, he supported the training of science teachers and developed curricula in schools. In Namibia, Tanzania and Rwanda, he worked with the ministries of education to combat the AIDS problem. These included, amongst other things, strategies for School Feeding of directly and indirectly affected by HIV and AIDS children. As part of the German health program in Tanzania, he advised the Ministry of Education on matters of health, education and nutrition.

Contact: heinrich.heinrichs[at]africrops.de