“Trade not aid” is the motto from Meinolf Kuper. The inclusion of vulnerable groups in economic processes and participation in market activities on an equal footing is a key concern to him. The implementation of Fair Trade criteria is the measure of all things. In 2013 africrops! GmbH was founded, together with Dr. Heinrich Heinrichs, Meinolf Kuper brings his experience gained from the health sector and the production and trade support.

For over 30 years, the economist and father of two is connected to the African continent. During this time, he has build and supported numerous projects and companies. Among these where the production and sale of craft products in many African countries and in Germany, as well as the protection of African rainforests by the marketing of non-timber rain forest products.

Meinolf played a significant role in the development of health insurance for farmers and other disadvantaged groups. He has experience in the implementation of social franchising, marketing for a fair drug delivery, and in the involvement of actors from the private sector in development processes. Creativity and innovation drive Meinolf Kuper on again to make new forms of cooperation with African partners.

Contact: meinolf.kuper[at]africrops.de