Behind africrops! is a network of experts and consultants with whom we work. Here, we present some of them to you:

Dr. med. Peter Bucher

Internal medicine, cardiologist

Specialist for Nutritional Physiology and Medical Effect of Moringa

Dr. BucherDr. Bucher is a renowned cardiologist and was most recently Chief Physician of Cardiology of the Elisabeth Hospital in Reydt. Dr. Bucher draws on 36 years of experience in the field of medicine, particularly internal medicine. He has been researching at the Institute of Pathophysiology of the GHS Essen, focussing on arrhythmias in acute myocardial infarction and later worked as a senior physician at the cardiology department of the GHS Essen. He is known as an international speaker at medical conferences, headed medical training and was a lecturer at the RWTH Aachen.

Dr. Bucher studied biology and received his doctorate in human medicine. Already for some time, he has been researching the beneficial properties of moringa oleifera and the effects on the human organism.

Dr. Bucher supported africrops! GmbH in the joint exploration of the positive effect of moringa oleifera on the human organism.

Prof. Mark Kwami

Product Design Expert

Visiting Professor at University Anhalt / Business Development Consultant / Designer / Founder of Numodus

Mark-KwamiMark combines blue skies thinking with a thorough and systematic attention to detail in the way that he develops concepts and ideas. Brought up in Ghana, Mark has a strong insight and commitment to working in Africa. For the last 20 years he has worked as a consultant for development projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. As a qualified industrial designer much of Marks work has focused on product development and developing appropriate production systems to ensure that new designs can be produced efficiently and sustainably. Mark applies his knowledge on a practical level as well as working within the international design education sector to build local capacity for design. Mark has firsthand experience of importing and marketing African products in the EU.

Mark studied Product/Industrial Design at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany.

Gilbert Viala

Agro-forestry specialist

Head of “BATAKOA” NGO, Haiti

Gilbert VialaTrained formally with a Masters in “Landschaftsplanung” from Berlin’s Technical University, Gilbert has spent the bulk of his career with the Haitian government and international NGOs fulfilling a range of agro-forestry programs in Haiti and abroad. Today Gilbert is heading a non-profit association BATAKOA involved in watershed management. Gilbert is transforming people’s views to find the best sustainable way to match soil, water, cattle, trees and agriculture in Haiti’s mountainous areas. He aims at providing better lifes in rural areas while protecting natural resources. Gilbert is also involved in building up the chain of value of benzolive in the “La Region des Palmes” west of Haiti.

Hari Prasad Bhattarai

Agricultural Capacity Building Expert

Freelance Consultant for Agricultural Development


„Improved livelihood for sustainable development“ is the motto from Hari Bhattarai. The improvement of livelihood of rural communities for socio economic development and linkage to market for income generation is a key concern to him. He is expert of two sectors; first cooperative enhancement and second Moringa promotion and commercial production.

For over 20 years, he is working in rural community of Nepal. He has experience of forming ground level institutions for socio economic development of rural people.  He is successful in establishing cooperatives and strengthening them for regular functioning and growing. He is involved in linking cooperative to rural agricultural production for self sustainability. He is affiliated to many organizations that work with rural community. He has received training on cooperative development and management along with market evaluation and share market.

He is one of the pioneers in Nepal for commercial Moringa production. Through the involvement Swbalamban Bikash company, he has been encouraging rural communities for Moringa production at commercial level „one family ten Moringa“ to support in improving their livelihood as well as nutritional status.